Advocacy events



Advocacy events: Other types of events that aim to spread the potential Sport for All through spaces for discussion and planning, sensitization. It involves key actors and decision makers and can also bring alternatives for fundraising

Specific types of initiative this Activity Box applies to

Other “out of the pitch forms”, related to raise awareness around a topic:

  • Meetings
  • Press conferences
  • Launch events
  • Fundraisers
  • Official visits
  • Awards
  • Forums
  • Communication and Campaigns
  • Round table conference


  • Sport is the only human activity with a space in any news format.
  • 2.8 million: Number of Instagram followers  of recent US Open champion Naomi Osaka

Why is it so important


  • Political support in Sport for All actions, which may bring funds and applicable laws that benefit clubs and other practitioners
  • These are unique opportunities for exchanging knowledge but also for the exchange of connections: networking opportunities between individuals and organisations
  • Sport raises attention it will always have a space for media

International endorsement

All stakeholders should conduct evidence-based advocacy to strengthen parental and communitywide understanding of the importance of daily physical activity, physical education and the reduction of sedentary behaviour in children, particularly in low-resource countries and contexts.

Barriers to sport that should be overcome

  • High costs to bring Sport celebrities and other influencers in events. The same applies for top attract media.
  • High-level decision-makers are also difficult to contact.

Tips and key success factors

Definition of key stakeholders:

  • It is determinant to strategically involve different groups of interest. There should be a powerful motive that moves them to support and different approaches and actions plans should be considered for every stakeholder.
  • A quick list of key stakeholders would include:
  • Industry experts.
  • Sport retired athletes (legends).
  • Authorities, politicians.
  • Media.
  • Sponsors.
  • Other types of influencers: tiktokers, musicians and other celebrities.

Success factors in advocacy events:

Launch Events

  • Guests and influencer selection.
  • Happening moments: there must occur something unique, unforgettable and interesting enough to raise interest in your target group.
  • Adequate supporting staff: PR, catering, venue, anchors, attaches, etc.

Meetings with decision-makers

  • Consider formal protocols to reach and address high-level people.
  • A preliminary work is often required with advisers.
  • These profiles dispose of limited time. Encounters should be as concrete and specific as possible.
  • When approaching politicians, measure the political atmosphere surrounding this person.
  • Follow-up is vital. After a forum, fundraising event or a high-level meeting is important to keep the contact and immediately submit relevant information regarding the topic of interest.

Attracting media

  • Is convenient to get the support of professional Public Relationship (PR) agencies.
  • Do not overestimate minor media such as online radios, blogs, etc. Every opportunity to spread a message should not be disregarded.
  • Press releases before the event and after the event are a determinant success factor.
  • Clear key messages should be defined in advance. It is recommended to have a trained spokesman.

Other tips
The real power of social media: Using new role models and social media influencers to support the essential values of Sport is essential:
Generation Z athletes (those born after 1996) have emerged in 2021 as global well-being leaders and advocates, challenging outdated ideas about what it takes to be an athlete. Many of these young sportspeople have gone beyond their Sport and taken on roles of advocacy, sponsorship and politics (163).

Please also consider:
Appendix 3: additional guidelines for this type of events.
Additional guideline 8: provide recommendations regarding event management process.

Available resources

High level events


  • European capital cities of Sport federations (ACES Europe) Click Here
  • European Commission: Be Active awards Click Here  and Be Inclusive awards. Click Here


Other best practices

  • At the feet of the Eiffel Tower; ISF cross country youth running in Paris. Click Here
  • Ideas to effectively organize your stakeholder strategy. Click Here Click Here

Sample case

Advocacy at the feet of the Eiffel Tower; ISF cross country youth running in Paris (BWB)
(ISF – International School Sport Federation)

  • ISF was honoured by the visit of Minister of Sport Ms Laura Flessel, Minister of Education Mr Jean-Michel Blanquer, Mr J-Francois Martins, deputy mayor of Paris (Sport and Tourism) and Olympic and World champion Mr Hicham El Guerrouj.
  • The event was also supported by the Region of Ile de France and the City of Paris and broadcasted by Olympic Channel.
  • The World Record holder and Olympic Champion Hicham El Guerrouj was among the official ambassadors

More information:
Press Release. Click Here