100 Football Tables for Schools



The project “100 Foosball for Schools” aims at giving access to physical activity for all youth, by developing and expanding the daily practice of table soccer in schools. To reach this goal, the ITSF supports the implementation of 100 foosball tables in 100 schools in each participating countries. In cooperation with table manufacturers, as well as governmental and non governmental organisations, the national federation approaches corporate funders, which cover the costs to equip a school. In supporting the implementation of Foosball tables in schools, the ITSF wishes to promote a healthy form of recreation and leisure, as well as conveying our sport’s values to the youngest: competition, effort, character-building, well-being and fair play.
The scope of this project is not limited to schools, but could also serve as a means to connect people with other entities such as hospitals, and other institutions whose goals are to contribute to children’s educational well-being.

Target group(s)
  • Children (3-12)
  • People with disabilities
  • Youth (13-18)
  • Social Inclusion
Type(s) of initiative
  • Education / Capacity-building


The project aims to give access to physical activity for all youth & develop Table Soccer practice from the grassroots.
Promote the educational values of Table Soccer:

  • Show respect to have fun: rules, equipement, partners, opponent, referee
  • Concentrate to progress: self-control, stress management, precision of gesture
  • Analyse to adapt: strategies, identifiy and use strengths and weaknesses
  • Socialise to share: team spirit, cooperation, friendliness
  • Have fun to gain confidence: adapt, success, raise self-esteem

Success Factors
& Achievements

  1. A project that makes sense. A donation which offers a positive brand image to the corporate funders and the project’s partners. An action that enhances the visibility of our sport and federation members. Creates interaction between kids intra & inter countries.
  2. Short term Achievement: 100 foosball tables implemented in 100 schools, development of pedagogical activities related to table soccer.
  3. Long/medium term Achievement: more than 100 tables distributed, growth of the licencees in youth categories, development of schools championships, side events organised with the corporate funders, development of the local table manufacturers & the local table soccer practice. 300 000€ donation table by end of 2022

and Participants


  • Sport Clubs, Educational Institutions, Private spaces, Public spaces (parks, beaches, etc.), Other venues (workplace, home, etc.)
Maximum of participants
  • no limit defined
Actual number of participants
  • 10 countries, about 30 people involved in the organisation of the project at their national level



  • A team of 3 persons to coordinate the project worldwide.
    A team of 5 volunteers in each participating country to coordinate the programme at a national level. , Individual and collective meetings take place monthly for each participating country-

Equipment and Facilities

  • Communication kits; foosball tables