The INTERACT Festival is the only event that Europe and the world bring together the International Sports Organisations to promote Sport for All.

The INTERACT Festival is designed for International Sport Organisations (ISOs) to promote Sport for All by adapting their sports and disciplines to Sports for All principles of “watch, try out, participate.” The festivals target specifically beginners and inactive people. They connect International Sport Organisations with national and local stakeholders – including municipalities, strengthening ISOs social responsibility initiatives.

The INTERACT Festival
combines two pillars:

A physical, lighthouse event taking place in a host city/country, where participating ISOs engage citizens to try out their sports and disciplines.

A worldwide “open-house” concept whereby national federations and local clubs of ISOs participating in the INTERACT Festival open the doors of their sport venues to demonstrate their sports

The Festival aims to take place once a year – in connection with the European Week of Sport; 23 – 30 September.

All In: Watch,
Try and Participate!

Host, participate, volunteer, and be part of INTERACT festivals to promote participation in Sport for All and physical activity. Your involvement will and empower populations & citizens to have healthier lifestyles and contribute to Improved quality of life.


Municipalities, national and regional sport organisations who are interested in hosting the INTERACT Festival should contact the INTERACT Team at

You will be able to connect with the following ISOs that have already confirmed being part of the event. More will join soon!

  • International Dance Organisation (various dance disciplines)
  • International Fistball Federation (Fistball, 2×2 Fistball)
  • World Minigolf-Sport Confederation
  • European Flying-Disc Federation (Ultimate frisbee, disc-golf, Freestyle frisbee)
  • International Boccia Confederation

ISOs that are interested in joining the INTERACT Festivaland demonstrating their sports should contact the INTERACT Team at

Event Concept

INTERACT Festival Manual for Host Organisations


How to organise an Open-House Event (for local sport clubs and NFs)


How to Participate in the INTERACT Festival (for ISOs)