UCI Bike City Label



The mission of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is to develop cycling at all levels, from elite competitions through to the use of bikes as a leisure activity and means of transport. The UCI Bike City label supports and reward cities and regions which not only host major UCI cycling events but also invest in developing community cycling and related infrastructure and programmemes.

Target group(s)
  • Children (3-12)
  • Elderly (60+)
  • Indigenous
  • LGBTQ+ community
  • People with disabilities
  • Women and Girls
  • Youth (13-18)
  • Development and Peace
  • Economic Impact
  • Health and Well-being
  • Increase sport participation
Type(s) of initiative
  • Education / Capacity-building
  • Legacy of major sport event
  • Non-Competitive Sport for All
  • Sport for All resources & Toolkits


The objective of the UCI Bike City label is to recognise cities and regions around the world that are not only investing in hosting elite cycling events, but also developing strategies to improve everyday cycling for their citizens, ensuring that bicycles are a key part of sustainable lifestyles and behaviours and providing a legacy for generations to come.

Success Factors
& Achievements

  1. A clear, long-term cycling strategy in collaboration with various stakeholders (public and private) within the city and/or region. The specific projects identified within this strategy will then each require their own resources (e.g. educational programmemes, cycling infrastructure projects, cycling festivals, etc).
  2. Dedicated funding for the promotion of cycling in the city or region
  3. Better infrastructure for bikes
  4. Increase in cycle usage
  5. Promotion of road safety
  6. Organisation of mass participation and closed road events
  7. Provision of child cycle training

and Participants


  • Sport Clubs, Educational Institutions, Private spaces, Public spaces (parks, beaches, etc.), Other venues (workplace, home, etc.)
Maximum of participants
  • no limit defined
Actual number of participants
  • Currently there are 20 cities and regions which have received the label and are delivering Cycling for All projects alongside UCI events.



  • 1 to 5

Equipment and Facilities

  • N/A