Sport is Your Gang



“Sport Is Your Gang” is IFMA’s latest campaign, in collaboration with the Peace and Sport Organisation. It aims to use Muaythai as a social inclusion programmeme for youth and furthermore to inspire young people with positive self-development.

Target group(s)
  • Youth (13-18)
  • Development and Peace
  • Health and Well-being
  • Social Inclusion
Type(s) of initiative
  • Education / Capacity-building
  • Sport for Development and Peace


The aim of the project is to empower disadvantaged youth to learn to use Muaythai as a platform to bring structure to their lives.

Success Factors
& Achievements

  1. IFMA utilises strong partnerships with national federations – the project is implemented at a National Federation level and this allows the project to be carried out the characteristics and colours of each country.
  2. The project implemented by each national federation is reported to IFMA which is an important tool for measuring growth and as a means of improving transparency. Feedback from the NFs on the project keeps the IF informed about the progress, challenges and successes of its member NFs, and allows the IF to share and promote these projects further.
  3. IFMA offers an opportunity for NFs to showcase their work globally which provides a platform of gaining financial aid from sponsors or government grants in delivering the project.
  4. Programme has the support of sporting, social and political representatives.

and Participants


  • Sport Clubs, Educational Institutions, Public spaces (parks, beaches, etc.)
Maximum of participants
  • no limit defined
Actual number of participants
  • Young people from over 20 countires



  • 0 (entirely volunteer)

Equipment and Facilities

  • Muaythai coaches